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Pull Out Testing

A Pull-Out Test gauges the strength of a particular specimen through the use of dedicated tension jacks, which are injected into the specimen under testing. It includes Anchor bolts, Eye bolts, Hooks, Anchoring points and Concrete strength.

Anchor Bolts

An Electric generator is a device which is used to produce electric energy, which can be stored in batteries or can be directly supplied to the homes, shops, offices, etc.

Eye Bolts

An eyebolt is a mechanical fastener with a threaded shaft and a head forming a ring.

Anchoring Points

An anchor point, or anchorage, is one component of a personal fall arrest system (PFAS), which is designed to prevent injury to workers should they fall from their worksite. 


A hook is a hand tool used for securing and moving loads.

Concrete Strength

It is defined as a measure of an unreinforced concrete slab or beam to resist failure in bending.

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