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Lifting Equipment Inspection

Also known as Loose Lifting Gear, any item used to connect a load to the Lifting Equipment but which is not in itself a part of the load or the Equipment, such as: Chain sling, Wire rope sling, Webbing sling, Round sling and Shackle (Dee shackle, Bow shackle).

Chain Sling

Chain slings can be used to lift very heavy and bulky loads on a regular or repetitive basis.

Wire Rope Sling, Webbing Sling, Round Sling Shackle

Wire rope slings are an important piece of rigging hardware used in lifting and hoisting .

A webbing sling is used to carry, lift, tow or pull loads from the weight of one ton to ten tons. 

Round slings are made of internal load bearing strands with a protective cover.

Dee Shackle

Also known as a chain shackle, D-shackles are narrow shackles shaped like a loop of chain, usually with a pin or threaded pin closure.

Bow Shackle

A Bow Shackle is an ‘O’ shaped metal link which is closed by a bolt.

Beam Clamps

A Beam Clamp is a mechanical support used to attach a hanger rod to top flange of a beam or bar joist.

Plate Clamps

Plate clamps eliminate the need for drilling or creating a hitch.

Lifting Beam/Spreader Beam

A spreader beam is a simple device consisting of a long bar that holds two slings apart. 


A hook is a hand tool used for securing and moving loads.


An eye bolt is a bolt with a loop at one end.


a device joining two parts so that one or both can pivot freely.

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