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Safety Awareness

What Is Safety Awareness?

Safety awareness is the habit of thinking about the chance that someone can get hurt or property damage before a task is started. You need to make sure that everyone is aware of them and that they think about safety in everything they do. Basically, safety awareness is making safety a priority in your workplace.

Why Is Safety Awareness Important?

Building safety awareness is the first step in implementing a safety program.  It shows that the management team cares about the wellbeing of the employees.

When safe work practices are prioritized, the results are reduced injuries and increased production.

In addition, awareness is part of the overall implementation of any policy or procedure.  To build awareness of the new policy or procedure you may add in signage about it and the management team should talk about it.  All of these reminders build on each other and send the message to not only be aware of the new policy or procedure but to be mindful of safe work practices overall.

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